About Dr. Jesse J. Michaels


Dr. Michaels’ in-depth Scriptural teachings on health and  wholeness, for the spirit, mind, and body, provides a multitude of answers for the countless who are searching.

After having experienced several life-threatening diseases and having sought various alternative nutritional therapies, after conventional medicine proved unsuccessful, Dr. Michaels’ answers came through the understanding that the reason he was ill was because he was not following God’s Divine instructions in order to attain health and wholeness.

Recognizing the truth this knowledge held, Dr. Michaels began several years of Theological and Nutritional studies and began applying what he had learned along the way to living a life of health and wholeness according to Scripture.


After experiencing restored health, Dr. Michaels vowed to share the wisdom he received concerning health and wholeness to all those in need. He has written a book entitled:

“Those who have ears – let them Hear”

A Biblically based Spiritual and Nutritional Path to Healing and Wholeness


Dr. Michaels’ teachings in his book are easily understood. Dr. Michaels teaches you about the importance of healing your Spirit (heart) and the profound impact it has on the healing of your mind and body.

“It is our Spiritual Health that will have the greatest impact on the health of our mind (mental/emotional health), which in turn will have a major influence on the health of our body (physical health). Healing and wholeness begins with the inner man – the spirit – and works towards the outward man – the body.”  – Dr. Michaels 

In “Those who have ears – let the Hear” Dr. Michaels teaches Scriptural truths; showing how the misinterpretation of Scriptures can greatly impact your health and well-being.

Dr. Michaels’ in-depth teachings for healing and wholeness of the spirit, mind and body include the root causes of disease, negative emotions, abuse, forgiveness, fasting, communion, the importance of Sabbath rest, as well as, nutritional teachings including a healthy Biblical  diet and much more…!!







My desire is that everyone be healed and restored in spirit, mind and body; emerging as a healthy and whole person! Living a life of victory in The Almighty and for Him!      – Dr. Jesse J. Michaels


Dr. Jesse J. Michaels holds a Doctorate in Theology (Th.D.), teaching the truths about God’s Word on Health and Wholeness in Spirit, Mind and Body; he also holds a degree as a Doctor of Naturopathy (N.D.), is a Certified Nutritional Counselor (C.N.C.), a Messianic Minister  (MMin.) and an Ordained Reverend.


“I was inwardly cheering that important truths were coming out. In all, the book seems to express the Lord’s perspective of yearning for better lives.” – Paul Liberman ~ President MJAA

This book is for anyone who desires to be healed spiritually, emotionally, and physically and be in right relationship with YHWH (God). Dr. Michaels has left no stone unturned in seeking out the Scriptural truth of all areas of healing.”  – Dr. Patricia Duke ~ His Heart Ministries

“The foundational truths and principles in this book are par excellence! Dr. Michaels wrote this ‘need to read’ book based on sound principles.”   – Dr. Liebenberg ~ Hebraic Teaching Group

“Insightful and effective with first hand experience in accomplishing a fully restored body and spiritual life.”  Danette Golden ~ KHNC Radio Host/Director

“I am blessed to read and review a wonderful book on suffering and triumph! I highly recommend this book for those who are going through suffering, have experienced it in the past and who, like me, have never gone through anything major.”  – M.H. Garden of Life

” Dr. Michaels shares, by personal experience, the importance and the incredible blessing of following God’s instruction in all areas of life — spirit, mind, and body — to find ultimate health, healing, and wholeness!”    – Erin Cross ~ Professional Christian Harpist